How to become a Life Coach

Once considered an unconventional career path, life coaching has transformed into a full-fledged industry with a significant market share. The demand for certified life coaches for both individuals and organizations has multiplied in the last few years, opening up a prospective professional domain where one can thrive and succeed, either by having a private practice or association with an organization (corporate/NGO). According to PwC, the coaching industry is the second-fastest-growing sector, which will surpass $20 billion in market value by 2022 at a 6.7% CAGR. Quite intriguing, right? So,how to become a life coach in your mind?

How to Become a Life Coach – The Steps Involved

In Life Coach training, more than getting certified, you will hone these skills:

  • An active and patient listener
  • Entrepreneurial and marketing skills
  • Ethical approach
  • Sense of creativity
  • Leadership qualities
  • Networking abilities

The best thing about life coaching certification is that even if you lack these skills, the courses are designed to fill that gap. Now, let’s get on with the next steps.

Coaching niche preference

There are more niches within the coaching domain that you can choose as per your preference. Other than becoming a life coach, you can pursue a career path as:

  • Business and executive coach
  • Career coach
  • Team coach and more.

Vision as a Life Coach

As important as it is to learn, imbibe and understand the core concepts and competencies of coaching, having a unique vision for your coaching career is equally essential. For that, you need to:

  • Determine your potential, strengths, and areas of interest to develop a career plan.
  • Be clear about the kind of issues you want to sort for your clients.
  • Project a graph to professional and financial success while predicting the hurdles along the way.
  • Have a contingency plan for the same.

When mapping a path, no matter how rough it may be, while just embarking on your journey to become a coach, it motivates you to go ahead towards accomplishing that vision.

When you acknowledge and sort your own hurdles, it empowers you to help others do the same as well.

Training and Certification

Getting certified as a coach may not be mandatory to start a practice, but clients highly recommend coaching with accredited coaches. The training helps you learn and instill practices befitting a coach and attests and proves your competency as a practitioner.

There are different ways that you can pursue training, but make sure that they are accredited by:

  • EMCC
  • ICF
  • CCE

These are the global regulatory organizations that offer credentials to professional coaches, further solidifying their status in the community. (Credentialing is not mandatory as well)

Business Plan for your Practice

Having a business plan combined with marketing and promotional strategies is essential before you set up your practice. It is the initiation of the ultimate phase of ‘how to become a life coach.’ While at it, try to do your research on what clients seek from coaches to draft a rough map on the kind of clients you would want to attract and coach.

While considering these aspects of ‘how to become a life coach,’ you might want to think about getting certified from a well-recognized training institute. The Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is a global coach training institute offering ICF-accredited courses to coaching aspirants. Their unique coach training courses give you skills, certification, and tools to start your own Life Coaching business.

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  1. Being a life coach is not so easy. As a result not every people able to be a certified trainer. Being a life coach professional you can follow the yes supply method. I loved the article concepts that you described up.

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