How to Become a Business Coach in Egypt

When we speak of Egypt, a picture gets etched in our minds instantly – a country that is advancing by leaps and bounds, all the while staying intact with its rich culture and heritage. When you are a citizen of a country that proficiently handles the balance between such complex aspects, great things are naturally expected.

Nevertheless, competition is fierce as everyone is advancing towards their success. In such a highly charged business atmosphere, it is natural for the leaders and the subordinates to lose track or feel demotivated. If not addressed, this feeling can manifest into deep-rooted negativity affecting business and the growth of self and the organization. Luckily, enterprises and individuals going through troubling time can refer to a professional with business coaching certification for some much-needed motivation.

How to Become a Business Coach in Egypt

What Does a Business Coach do?

A business coach assists the business owner, employees, managers, or professionals to get a clear vision of their respective professional goals, aligning it with the personal goals for the business’s ultimate development. It helps you understand the business’s current standing and how your present actions can be aligned with your future vision of the company.

Business is not the same as mentoring. People often get themselves confused with the two. While the mentor gives advice, a coach assists and aids the business owner in realizing, planning, and fulfilling business goals through a practical, experiential approach. Business Coach supports you in creating actionable plans and cultivating a sense of accountability to achieve the organizational targets.

Where to start with Business Coaching Training Courses in Egypt?
The first step to getting certified as a business coach in Egypt is finding a credible and ICF accredited institute that offers certified coach training. These steps will give a clearer picture:

  • Accreditation matters a lot when you are getting certified as a business coach. International Coach Federation (ICF), European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and Continuing Coach Education (CCE) are globally recognized coaching bodies in the world. Make sure that the coach training program you seek has either of these accreditations.
  • Apart from the certifications, it is also essential to know whether the coach training institute has a global network of coaches and mentors. That helps you to initiate a practice coaching on a broader level. It also keeps you connected with experienced coaches worldwide.
  • Other details like duration, flexibility in training, modules of the training, certification process, and methodology also help you choose whether it aligns with your schedule and expectations.
  • It is best to go with training that offers both classroom and online sessions, especially in the current COVID-19 situation, online classes have become a basic necessity for certification seekers.

After getting a certificate, comes the credentialing part, to acquire after starting their practice post-certification. It is usually a time taking process, as it does not fall under the purview of the training institute. It’s something that you have to earn through your own efforts and coaching practice. However, a coach training institute offering post-certification support can be of tremendous help in completing your credentialing requirements.

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) is an internationally acclaimed and one of the few coach training institutes in the world with ICF, EMCC, CCE, and SHRM accreditations. CTA provides classroom and online business coaching certification programs in Egypt and worldwide. CTA is known for its excellent practical, experiential coach training and post-training support.

Conditioning yourself to seize every opportunity that Egypt presents you with is crucial. So, won’t you like to do it in the best possible manner? If so, contact us now.

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