How do you become a Life Coach in South Africa?

In recent years South Africa has gone through a landmark shift in market growth and socio-cultural environment. People are opening up to new prospects and paths to take for career, breaking out from the conventional direction. There has been significant interest among professionals and others to take up life coach training in South Africa as a career choice.

Taking the first step is the most challenging part; the rest comes easily like a natural progression. So, if you are asking, ‘How do I become a life coach?’, we are here to guide you to take the first step. Read on to understand the steps involved in becoming a life coach in Africa, and the avenues that you can take to achieve your goal.

What is covered in Life Coach Training in South Africa?

The International Coaching Federation (ICF) defines coaching as collaborating with the clients in a creative and thought-provoking process, inspiring them to maximize the potential, professional and personal.

Life coaching’s core belief is that every individual can create their reality by enhancing the inherent potential. Sometimes people falter from achieving that state due to various reasons. Life coaching gives direction during those times through interactive sessions applying a motivational approach. It coaxes the individual to identify the problems causing any disruption, followed by finding solutions.

It’s a process of self-discovery, self-assessment, and self-evaluation. A life coach will not provide ready-made answers and solutions; instead, it will motivate the clients to fend for themselves. So, don’t get mixed up between coaching and counseling when getting life coaching in South Africa, as both are different.

Life Coach Training Certifications & Course Overview

The first thing that to be a life coach in South Africa is to get enrolled in a reputable and accredited institute recognized by global regulatory organizations like International Coach Federation (ICF), Center for Credentialing and Education (CCE), or European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC).

The life coaching course has different levels and modules that one can choose as per their preference. The basic module covers all the areas that will help one learn and instill the core competencies, turning them into good professionals. While getting life coach training in South Africa, one will get to know:

  • The approach, process, and competencies of life coaching
  • Learning the technique of developing coach and client connection
  • The code of conduct and ethics involved in life coaching
  • How to frame the right question and be a good listener

These are the foundational skills that you need to learn to be of aid to your clients.

What is covered in Life Coach Training in South Africa

The Coach Transformation Academy checks out all counts of credibility and reputation, being accredited by the ICF. CTA life coaching certificate in the South Africa course comprises 60 hours of specific training hours, 10 hours of mentoring sessions (7 hours of group mentor coaching and 3 hours of individual coaching), fieldwork, and assignment. Post coach training, there are 5 hours of specialization module to improve their life coaching skills. CTA offers both classroom and online classes in the Life Coaching Certificate course.

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