How long does it take to become an Executive Coach in Singapore?

executive coaching in singapore

Executive coaching has gone from rare to common over the past 30 years. This type of coaching is centered on executives and high potential employees to help them gain self-awareness and unlock their true potential. Executive coaches ask questions, challenge assumptions, and administer 360-degree behavioral assessments to establish development goals. To ensure high-quality training, the International Coach Federation (ICF) accredits coach training programs. If you are seeking ICF credentialing as an Executive Coach in Singapore, here is some information for you!

How to become an Executive Coach in Singapore?

Depending on the coaching program you pick and the pathway you choose for your training program, here is a list of the steps that you will require to go through to be an executive coach.

  1. One of the most significant steps of being an executive coach is completing coach-specific training./li>
  2. Then you need to complete Mentor Coaching. Mentor coaching is necessary to polish your coaching skills. It should be completed within 3-6 months from the completion of your training.
  3. Along with mentor coaching, you can start coaching practice. You need to complete coaching experience hours, which entirely depends upon your pace and credential level that you want to achieve. For ICF-ACC credentials, you need to complete 100 hours, which can take anywhere between four months to one year. Whereas if you want to start your coaching practice and gain extensive self-growth, you can go for an ICF PCC credential. You have to complete 500+ hours and takes anywhere between 6 months to 14 months.
  4. Submit coach recording session along with your transcript for review and apply for ICF Credentialing.
  5. You also need to pass the Coach Knowledge Assessment, which has MCQs relating to ICF’s core principles and takes no more than 2 hours.
  6. After you pass CKA, ICF will start reviewing your application. It should be noted that if you are applying for:
    • ACC via ACTP, ICF takes 4 weeks, via ACSTH it will be 14 weeks, and Portfolio – 14 weeks
    • PCC via ACTP will take 2 weeks, via ACSTH – 14 weeks
    • MCC takes 14 weeks.

So, how much time will it take you to be Executive Coach?

While there are some striking variations, executive coaching usually includes a series of phases starting with intake, assessment, goal setting, and development planning. The typical training time for ICF coach training can range from seven to 12 months.

In today’s demanding business environment, executives have limited opportunities to develop as leaders, making coach training more crucial than ever. And again, if you opt to get recertified from EMCC, CCE, or any other coaching body, it may take you additional time to meet their requirements. But, you can be a Certified Executive Coach in Singapore quickly if you want. Start by enrolling in our Senior Certified Professional Coach program.


Coach transformation Academy provides ICF-accredited Executive Coach training in more than 50 countries. Contact us to know more about our Executive Coaching program.

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