How Life Coaching Transformed my Aussie Life

The first encounter with my life coach was in Melbourne while I was visiting a friend. Before that, I never really thought much about life coaching, let alone take regular sessions. But, after one whole session, I see the transformation within myself and realize that it had been the best decision of my life.

I have become more confident regarding my choices concerning career, relationships, health, and other aspects of life. So, here I am, Lorraine Smith, 30 something, with my account of how a life coach in Australia changed my life for the best.

A Chance Encounter
Last year, I was visiting a friend in Melbourne. Even with all my old friends around, I was feeling out of place. I had a lot of things in mind, like my job and most importantly, my health. At one point, I realized that I was sitting in a corner with a glass of wine when my friend approached me. “Hey, I would like you to meet Sarah here. Why don’t you guys talk while I see if anyone needs anything?”

What started with a simple hello, culminated into a two-hour-long conversation! She was an in-house coach. That piece of information piqued my interest. We started talking about work, life, and how our work can ruin life balance, if not aligned with your values. Well, it was mostly me talking about my issues. It didn’t take much time for her to realize that I was in a mess. Before leaving, she gave me her card and said, “Why don’t we sit down for a few sessions? Let’s see if I can help you out.”

I took the card and sat on it for about one week and finally made the call. The rest is history.

My First Life Coaching Session

I had this misconception that life coaches are like therapists. But that’s not what I experienced in the sessions that I had with Sarah. I distinctly remember my first session. We chatted for a brief moment; it was like she was easing me into the session. The first question that she asked me was what my goals were. To which I replied, a healthy work-life balance.

So, we talked about the major pressure areas in my life and after an hour concluded that I needed to manage my time efficiently and also resort to a healthy diet. At the end of the coaching session, Sarah assured me assured me that she will be there to help me find the true actions and goals that actually affects me.

What Followed Next
I would like to bust another myth around now. Since I said that she was concerned about my diet as well, please don’t go on assuming that life coaches offer nutrition counselling as well. A life coach will talk with you, analyse your situation, and try to find what is causing the disorder in the diet. Finding and addressing the root cause, that’s what a life coach helps you with.

Sarah was like a motivation in my life that was lacking. She pushed me to stretch my potential to meet my goals in the workplace and at home as well. To be honest, I never could stick to a diet plan, but with her sessions, I started feeling the urge from within.

The following things happened in the next few months:

  • My mental blocks around relationships were clearing
  • I gained a very clear vision of my purpose and goal
  • My time management skills improved a lot
  • Instead of escaping the problems I got the confidence to confront them and find the solutions
  • My health improved

All of that happened with just a year’s worth of sessions, with my life coach in Australia, Sarah. She is still very much existent in my life, and keeps urging and motivating me to move forward with gumption.

I hope my experience will help you to get ahead with your own, life coach experience. Trust me, it will change your perception about life.

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