How do you become a Certified Executive Coach?

Certified Executive Coach

After years of experience in the corporate domain and accomplishing a coveted position as the senior executive in a global firm, there was still something amiss in Laura’s professional life. She wanted to rediscover her purpose and face the mental obstacles that riled her up from time to time, even after accomplishing so much. Finally, she found her answer in executive coaching programs.

Not only was she able to rewire her inner confidence and self-awareness through the extensive certification program, but she took upon a new role in her organization of assisting her subordinates and even her superiors as an in-house executive coach.

So, what is executive coaching? What does it entail? All such queries have been briefly clarified in this blog.

What is executive coaching?

Executive coaching is a coaching niche that focuses on enhancing one’s potential from the professional aspect through self-awareness and improvement. Executive coaches typically have senior-level professionals as clients, such as managers, executives, and team leaders, working with them towards holistic improvement in productivity and confidence.

Through such enhancements, one can realize and leverage his/her potential to the fullest and reap personal and organizational benefits. They conduct group or one-to-one coaching sessions, engaging in a dialogue, inspiring and motivating them.

Why get certified by undertaking executive coaching programs?

Technically, you do not require a certificate or a credential to be a coach. However, think it this way. For example, would you work with a real estate consultant without any license or proof of competency? Of course, you won’t, because you will not be able to rely on that person. Similarly, though coaching is not yet a regulated industry, non-profit organizations like ICF and EMCC are setting the standards for professional coach practitioners.

So, the answer to this question is yes, it is recommended that you enroll in executive coaching programs to add credibility and certification to your profile as a Coach Practitioner. Besides that, getting into an executive coaching program enables you to learn from an expert coach who understands and implements all the core practices of being an executive coach.

However, getting trained from ICF or EMCC certified coaches gives you the assurance that you’re learning from a coach who’s practicing coaching as per the coaching industry norms and standards. In addition, with certification comes the opportunity to be part of a global community of certified and credentialed coaches.

What Entails in the Training and How to get started?

It’s common for beginners to get confused initially, like where to begin and how to pursue or which accreditation to choose. There are executive coaching programs that exclusively cater to modified executive coach training modules.

However, you can also get a general certification as a professional coach accredited by ICF (International Coaching Federation), EMCC (European Mentoring and Coaching Council), BCC (Board Certified Coach), or any other body followed by a niche approach in executive coaching (preferably offered by the same institute). To further solidify your status as a professional, it is best to pursue a credential under ICF or EMCC or BCC.

CTA Executive Coaching Program

If you are following the ICF pathway, then ACTP (Accredited Coach Training Program) is a good place to start. It comprises of a minimum 125 hours of coach-specific training (coaching definition, core competencies, and the code of ethics). Ten hours of mentor coaching are also included, which helps when applying for credentialing under ICF. Under BCC, you would need a minimum educational qualification of a Master’s degree or higher to enroll in a 30 hours or 60 hours coach training program.

Make sure that you get your training under executive coaching programs by an accredited and notable institute that’s the key to further validating your certification.

If you want to achieve an ICF Credential, Coach Transformation Academy is the place to start with. Coach Transformation Academy provides an Executive Coaching program as a specialization course that you can pursue after completing coach-specific training (at least 60 hours to qualify for ICF Credential).

Get Started

We train thousands of coaches every year, and most of them are successful coaches today. Along with our world-class coach training courses, you get the opportunity to train with like-minded people from all around the world. Contact us now to know more about our Executive Coaching program.

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