How do I become a certified coach in India?

certified coach training - India

ICF defines coaching as partnering with clients in a creative and thought-provoking process that inspires them boundlessly to maximize their professional and personal potential.

The International Coach Federation is a well-known name in the world of professional coaching. For many, coaching is just a shift of profession. Whereas, for others, coaching is an altogether transformational experience that improves their perspective on a myriad of aspects. Coaching has several perks. But if you want to achieve your fullest potential in coaching as a full-time career, certified coach training is necessary.

In the past few decades, India has noticed a hype in the coaching culture, making certification more necessary. Do you want to know all about a certified coach? And how to become an accredited coach in India? Here’s some information for you.

What is a Certified Coach?

An accredited coach can is a trained professional who has received proper training in a specific coaching niche and is certified by a credentialing organization. ICF is one of the most well-known organizations for accreditation, but you can always go for others like EMCC.

Besides, there are also several professional coaching levels like ACC, PCC, or MCC, depending on the level of training, expertise, and knowledge that you seek. You can obtain credentialing through several pathways like ACSTH, ACTP, or portfolio. All you need to do is find a field in which you want certified coach training in India.

What are coaching specializations?

If you are seeking professional growth in coaching, there will be nothing holding you back. There are several specializations that you can opt for. Some of these include:

How to be a certified coach in India?

India has a multitude of opportunities when it comes to professional coach training. Coaching is power only when it is controlled. Professional ICF certified coaches are governed by a discrete code of ethics. They are trained to coach you for a seamless coaching journey. If you want to take advantage of coaching as a profession, then here are some steps to help.

  • Choose an ICF accredited training program aligned with the International Coach Federation’s training principles and code of ethics. There are other accreditation bodies as well, like EMCC, CCE. Based on your requirement and preference, you can find many coaching programs that align with your coaching values.
  • Pick a specialty that you want to make a career in as a coach. NLP, life coaching, executive coaching, there are tons of options to choose from.
  • Then comes the pathways. ICF offers three pathways to choose from – ACSTH, ACTP, and CCE. Each path has different requirements for Credentialing.
  • Depending upon your coach-specific training hours, you can apply for the credential. ACC, PCC, and MCC are based on the diversified level of requirements and expertise with different coaching hours.
  • ACC is the most opted one, and it contains at least 60 hours of coach training hours. On the other hand, MCC requires 200 hours of coach training.
  • Then you need to complete mentoring hours that are defined by the credentialing organization.
  • Apply for credentialing and appear for Coach Knowledge Assessment and performance Assessment Test. CKA and Performance Assessment tests are based on elementary knowledge of the coaching principles. Both are necessary to get an ICF certificate.
  • Wait for your application to get reviewed. If you complete all the requirements, you will be a certified ICF coach.


Do you want to be a certified coach in India? Coach Transformation Academy provides world-class coach certification courses in India and globally. Besides, we’re the only ICF, EMCC, CCE, and SHRM certified coach training provider. Contact us to know more about our certified coach training in India.

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