How do I become a certified coach in Singapore?

It is needlessly true to state that today’s work environment is changing persistently. To be successful in your work, it’s crucial to have skills that will best position you for success. Coaching in Singapore as a profession can help understand your career’s evolution and identify the appropriate steps to reach your objective. Even if you aren’t seeking coaching as a career option in Singapore, coach training in Singapore can empower, engage, and align your workforce towards achieving strategic goals.

Do you want to be a certified coach in Singapore? Do you want to eliminate the self-limiting beliefs, overcome hurdles, and maximize your professional efficiency?

How do I become a certified coach in Singapore

Steps to be a Certified Coach in Singapore

Depending on the coach training program you choose, Coach Certification in Singapore can require anywhere from 4 months to 1+ years to complete. Many coaches are not properly accredited. They may not be ICF/CCE/EMCC certified. This surely does not diminish their value and experience. Clients and organizations mostly prefer to work with a credential coach. Here are the steps to become a certified coach in Singapore:

  1. Start by choosing an ICF/EMCC/CCE coach training course. This way, you can also learn and fulfill Credential requirements, even if you do not intend to apply. There are a few coach training providers like CTA who are ICF, EMCC, and CCE accredited. There are a few coach training providers like CTA who are ICF, EMCC, and CCE accredited.
  1. Your coach training can range from 30 weeks to 1 year also. So, make sure you make room for learning. An ideal coach training course should give you ample opportunities to practice coaching and coaching tools and models.
  2. The next step would be to undergo Mentor Coaching. Mentoring is a great way to enhance your coaching skills while receiving feedback at the same time.
  3. Once you complete your coach training and mentoring, you can start coach practicing with your peers, relatives, family, friends, or at work if you can. This will also help you to complete your coaching experience hours. If you intend to apply for ICF Credential, this will be of great help.
  4. After completing your mentoring and coaching experience, you can either start your practice as a Coach or apply to ICF for receiving Credential.

Join Coach Transformation Academy to make a difference

Coach Transformation Academy (CTA) provides ICF, EMCC, SHRM, and CCE accredited coach training in Singapore and more than 50 countries. You can opt for classroom training as well as online training. CTA offers world-class coach training and ample opportunities to become a Certified Coach.

Are you ready to be a Certified Coach in Singapore? Contact us to know more about our interactive and experiential coach training courses offered online and in Singapore.

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