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FREE 2- Days Training Workshop in Dubai for Aspiring Coaches | Managers | Corporate Professionals | Educators | Sales & Marketing Professionals

We invite you to join us on our FREE ICF Approved Diploma in Coaching Training Program conducted in Dubai as a classroom workshop of 2 days of a weekend. Please note that we only take limited registrations and your seat will be confirmed on first come, first serve basis.

Coaching Transformation Academy is one of the premier international coach training institutes delivering Coach Training programs as workshops and online program. All our programs attract people who wish to be become certified Coach or learn coaching skills ti implement in their current professions and businesses. Our Coaching Programs are aimed at transforming your coaching skills, developing your managerial and leadership style as a coach and setting you up us a successful coach.

As part of our corporate social responsibility we conduct Free Coaching Course as Diploma in Coaching in Dubai. This is a great opportunity for you, your colleagues at work and friends to learn the coaching skills for free. This program will also help you to know if you want to take the next step and apply for our Professional Coaching Skills course and make your career as a Professional Coach.

What are some of the key benefits attending the free coaching workshop

  • What is coaching and its application in different walks of life.
  • What are the benefits of coaching skills at workplace
  • How can coaching transform your life and to that of others
  • How can you bring coaching into your current business?
  • Different types of coaching specializations
  • How to choose your coaching specialization and establish you career as a successful Life Coach, Career Coach, Business Coach & Executive Coach
  • ICF Coaching Core Competencies
  • ICF Credentialing process to become ICF Certified Coach
  • Life & Career as a Professional Coach

Program Methodology

This is an intensive and comprehensive instructional program conducted applying adult learning principals and learner engaging methods to accelerate your learning and increases your professional competencies and life skills. This is a 16 hours ICF approved coaching program conducted over 2 days of classroom training workshop.

Imagine doing ICF Approved Diploma in Coaching worth $1200 for FREE?

This is the only ICF Approved Diploma in Coaching program conducted in UAE for Free. The original cost of the program is $1200 however as corporate social responsibility we offer this program for no tuition fee. The program is free from us, participants only pay operational expense of $250 towards 2 days venue booking, food and snacks for breakfast, lunch and evening Tea/Coffee, Coaching Manual & Workbook, Coaching Toolkit and other training material and our certificate of attendance as Diploma in Coaching Course. If you wish to receive ICF certification of Certified Coach, then you can choose to pay $250 towards certification fee and get certificate accredited by ICF.

Benefits of ICF Certificate –

ICF is the worlds largest coaching certification organization and its certificate holder represents the highest quality of professional coaching skills, ethics and values as a coach. The most important benefit of attending this course is, all the hours spent in this program can be applied towards next level of coach training program and if you are already an ICF certified Coach, you can utilize these hours for renewing your ICF credentials.

After attending this program, if you wish to continue your learning as a Professional Coach, you will receive great discount and save time as the hours spent during this training program will be included in the Professional Coach Training Program.

Diploma in Coaching is a 2 days training workshop conducted during the weekend in Dubai. This is an ideal course and great learning opportunity for aspiring life, career, executive and business coaches. After attending the workshop you will be able to effectively apply learning of coaching skills to your coaching profession or to your current profession.
A quality program does not need to be expensive we conduct this free workshop with a commitment to fulfill your learning goals. We have a vast network of our coaches and all our program even the free one comes with post training support and continued coach development.
To ensure you have learned and you are able to translate learning into practice this course will have one assignment after the course. This assignment will include writing learning reflection paper and submitting within 10 days of attending the program.
If you wish to pursue and continue learning to become Professional Coach, your hours spent in this program will be adjusted to the next course and also you will be entitled to get a great discount on our next program of Professional Coach Certification whether you attend online or classroom workshop.
Operational Expense + ICF Certification
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First come first serve basis.

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Dubai is a highly accessible city in the world participants can reach through various transportation means. If you are a first time traveler and need our assistance, click here to contact us.
This is a non residential program, the course fee does not include your accommodation expenses however if you are travelling to attend this program and need our support to help you find out a place to stay, click here to contact us, our program director will get in touch with you shortly.
If you are a non resident of U.A.E and travelling to attend this program you may require to travel with a valid visa to enter in U.A.E. Visa requirements vary from one country to another hence you may need to contact your travel agent to know more about visa requirements and getting a visa of U.A.E. we recommend to only book your seat if you are a resident of U.A.E or holding a valid visa to travel to U.A.E. In case you have registered for workshop and unable to get a visa to enter U.A.E you will be entitled for a refund of 100% refund of your payment.
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FREE Diploma in Coaching in Dubai. Course worth $1200 for FREE
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