Core Competencies of ICF Training Programs

There are a total of 11 core coaching competencies in coaching certification India that were created to aid complete understanding of the approaches and skills that are so integral to the role of a coach in any industry at this time. These life coach certification India competencies are identified and defined by the ICF or the International Coaching Federation. The core competencies in conjunction with the ICF definition go on to lay the foundation of CKA or Coach Knowledge Assessment.

  • Laying the Ground: Coaching training involves helping understand ethical guidelines as well as the professional standards and meeting them fully. It also includes the establishment of a coaching agreement which may vary slightly from one case to another.
  • Building the Relationship Together with Others: Executive coaching certification training is about establishing trust so that candidates have full faith in the training and education imparted by the coach. The second objective is to develop an intimacy with the candidates which is an inevitable outcome of the former. The next step is building a coaching presence which makes an impact on the candidates.
  • Communicating Effectively: Communication in any kind of training is vital. To make sure that a two-way communication takes place between a coach and his/her client, the exchange needs to happen in three parts. The core competencies of communication are active listening to understand what’s being said, effective questioning to identify the areas of doubt and lastly, straightforward communication to achieve clarity.
  • Making learning Easier and Getting Better Results: To facilitate learning is to improve the possibilities of better results. That begins with creating full awareness about the subject at hand. This is followed by designing actions that will pursue the objectives. Goal setting and planning in ICF accredited coach training program in India come next where a vision is set and a course of action to pursue it is planned. It ends with monitoring and management of progress and assessment of accountability.
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