Coaching is an asking process, while training is a telling process.

The CTA training helped me recognize the power of using smart questioning to release people’s wisdom and intuition, I learned that coaching doesn’t have to be hard, it is a smooth learning process full of aha moments. I also learned that coaching is partnering with the client in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.

During this process, the coach will use his knowledge and awareness of human values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors to work with the client through the process stages.

It was eye-opening for me to understand that clients are masters. They have all the answers and solutions and that we coaches have the opportunity to learn from them while guiding them to release their wisdom through appropriate tools and questions.

That helped me use the question that helps people shift their focus to the solution to release it, I also learned that powerful questions are short and that when clients talk about many things, it is good to ask them what is the relationship between these things. I learned that in coaching, we use two types of agreement :
-contract agreement before we start
-and coaching agreement at the beginning of every session

Coaching is an asking process, while training is a telling process. I learned how to build rapport with the client using body language.
Recognizing what type of personality the client is will help me as a coach to use the proper language and method that can help me connect with the client more.

The types of coaching…

  • Life Coaching: Helps individuals gain awareness, clarify goals understand thoughts.
  • Executive Coaching: Help executives to develop new skills, improving performance, overcoming derailers, and preparing for advancement.
  • Career Coaching: Helps individuals identify what they want and need from their careers.
  • Business Coaching: Conducted within the constraints placed on the individual or group to meet organizational goals.
  • Group Coaching: Work with individuals in groups. The focus can range from leadership development, stress management to team building.
  • Team Coaching: Work with the leader and members of a team to establish their mission, vision, strategy, and rules.
  • Performance Coaching: Work with the employees, their bosses, and others in their workplace to help the employees fill performance gaps and develop plans for further professional development.
  • Leader Coaching: Coaches of individuals assigned or hired into new leadership roles help these leaders to assimilate and achieve his/her business objectives.
  • Relationship Coaching: Helps two or more people to form change or improve their interactions.
  • High Potential or Developmental Coaching: Work with organizations to develop the potential of individuals who have been identified as key to the organization’s future.
  • Targeted Behavior Coaching: Helps individuals to change specific behaviors or habits or learn new, more effective ways to work and interact with others.
  • Succession Coaching: Helps assess potential candidates for senior management positions and prepares them for more superior roles.

Coaching will help me to…

Improve and enhance how I work with my clients in my life coaching career. What I learned here inspired me to create new techniques in which I used the power of smart questions more. It also helped me realize the coaching as an easy process where all needed resources flow from the client. Having more clarity on the type of people that I shouldn’t coach.

I will apply this learning by…

Organizing my new techniques that have the knowledge I got from this course and practicing them to keep them in mind.

Long term returns from learning this will be…

More confidence and success on the personal and career level.

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