Coaching has allowed me to see and further understand the meaning of coaching and maximize it.

Over the last two days of the training program, there have been many exciting learnings. To begin with, on day one, starting from the introduction, I felt very comfortable and opened myself for learning. It probably was a very familiar zone for me to answer who I was and where I would like to be? This has always been my quest and so allowed me to open and free up quickly. From this first part, my learning was how different individuals can operate at the Who am I question and how this can be very interesting when working with a client. Although we were not aware of each other’s names at this stage, which is the natural style of introduction, I felt it allowed us to connect more easily. Furthermore, when we moved into connecting with identifying uncommon and common areas, I was surprised to see how hard it was to find something uncommon in every person I connected with.

Further moving into the program, understanding the ground rules of coaching and the CTA beliefs of excellence and values were key in my learning. It enhanced existing knowledge and affirmed my learnings earlier. One of the beliefs behind every behavior is an unconscious positive intention, opened up very broadly, and drove me to explore further how we can connect to unpleasant situations and see it from a different light. A key takeaway from most of the beliefs was that your personal experience plays a critical role in how you can connect with your client. The example of sitting with your head bent and thinking of a sad moment and then looking up and thinking of a sad moment was a revelation about how we can change our very own mindset in a moment.

My learning here was that it is easy to be judgmental and critical and that we have to give time for things to unfold. Secondly, although the pace was slow, I picked up new learnings. The learning here was every learning opens new avenues and ideas; however, we have to be open and receptive.

On both days, the exercises have played a vital role in expanding my knowledge not only in terms of understanding but also in viewing others from a coach’s point of view and analyzing it from a client’s viewpoint. The two-fold aspect has been compelling as it has allowed me to connect and view my own abilities as a coach and how I can enhance myself from observing others. The highlights of the sessions have been the small activities that get introduced, which keep us engaged and allow us to connect the activities to our understanding and relating them with coaching.

Overall, I have enjoyed learning with fun. Today’s discussion with the peer around trust brought forward how it can make someone uncomfortable to discuss their own areas where they are guilty of, and there is a tendency to cover or only speak what makes me comfortable. These are the most specific moments that we have to listen to the client at all levels to gauge what the client is actually telling and what he/she is feeling, experiencing and what emotions they are attaching to that topic of discussion.

The breaking down of the coaching definition has allowed me to see and further understand the meaning of coaching and maximize it. The two words thought-provoking and creative have really inspired me and brought forward how every session will be different and how every client will think differently; hence it is vital as a coach to be fluid and adapt as the need be. Further, I would like to apply my learnings to my personal and professional life.

Personal life:
I will use the concept of creating agreements with my daughter as this will allow her to be part of the agreement, which will make her more accountable and not feel pressured in having to follow what she has been told. Another area that I already practice is to use a coaching style with her so that I can get more and understand her viewpoints. Although I have been applying these in my previous experiences and with people I know. I learned how to identify from a conversation in which modality is prevalent in that instance. Identifying the modality will allow me to explore with my client to mirror their styles and create a level of comfort for them.

I will apply my learning here at two levels, one in my organization and with my clients. At the organizational level, my most important learning is to actively listen to the circumstance and the conditions around. There is generally a tendency because you manage the team. You can get into the solution giving mode; however, creating a space for the team members to grow and develop by creating awareness is something which I will bring into practice.

With my client’s and coaching session, I will take the framework from the sessions’ teachings; however, I will create my style and use the learning to adapt and enhance my existing coaching style. Using the right questioning skills and providing a safe platform for the clients to explore their thoughts. I will ensure that ethics and code of conduct are maintained at all times during my sessions. I will consciously apply the skill development matrix to understand where I am falling short of my growth and use it to understand the client’s progress.

One of the biggest revelations in the session today was how to be comfortable even if you have unconsciously made the client uncomfortable. To accept that it’s okay that you have not understood the client and be open to asking for further explanation to gain clarity. The ease with which Dr. Haris could adapt and change the question was great learning. Additionally, I will be more conscious of mirroring the client’s style and use my body language to provide the client with a comfortable vibe and hold space lovingly for him/her to open up.

In conclusion, I would like to affirm that this program has allowed me to explore my previous learning and adapt the same with enhancing the new skills I am observing and learning. At the same time, it has taught me that not every client is similar and that a structure may not always be the solution. It is important to be creative and adapt to a style that best befits that session at that time. Overall, meeting with people from different strata, cultures, and backgrounds has allowed me to understand how individual journeys can vary; however, the underlying beliefs, emotions, and basis of life, which is love, are very similar, and hence the connection is the only way to enhance my coaching style.

Lastly, I will ensure that all times I am coaching ethically and passionately so that I can make the most of every session. Also, I will enter a session with the intention that it will teach me something new. Being fluid and open will allow me areas to be creative, learn more, and enhance my own skills and knowledge. I will also adapt to use the coaching style of questioning with people around me to make this as a natural way of being rather than only using questioning and listening skills in the session. Doing so will allow me to learn daily. I will also journal my learning to see where I could have adapted better and where I missed using my skills.

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