I also felt a strong commitment to go throw this unique experience

Reflection is one of the best learning tools we can ever utilize to develop our emotional awareness and Intelligence. John Dewey correctly states that “we do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” This is what I call awareness in its highest form: To look deep at a certain thought or feeling with our full attention, and then notice other generated thoughts and feelings associated with it. This kind of self-reflection is perhaps one of the main components of Emotional Intelligence.

What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? 

Emotional Intelligence, as I understand it, can be defined as one’s abilities to recognize and manage their own emotions and the emotions of others.

Key Learning Reflection

I can say with certainty that the session gave me a strong motivational reason to explore with more depth the science and practices behind EI. I learned more about my self, my fears, weaknesses, needs, and strengths. It also taught me how to improve on the areas where I need to further develop, such as my discomfort with being on video.

It helped me to expand my imaginations, the place of creativity, and novel ideas. It also helped me shift my focus from the problems I was facing to searching for solutions, from negativity to what’s important to do now, from unwelcome happenings to new ideas and other possibilities. It helped me to develop better communication skills. 

It helped me to focus on one issue at a time. It helped me to practice being systematic when processing information. It helped me to be more natural when interacting with new people without being judgmental. It helped to improve my listening skills. 

How will it help me in becoming Emotionally Intelligent? 

I will try to make it a regular activity to self-reflect and find out how I feel at any given moment. This will help to increase my awareness of my own feelings and subsequently increase my ability to understand the emotional source of my behavior. I know that people with high emotional Intelligence make self-reflection a regular activity.

The social side of Emotional Intelligence is another area of my personal interest, which I enjoyed during the session. The ability to handle and maintain successful relationships with others, build bonds, positively influence others, solve problems corporate with others, are important for personal growth and group harmony.

By reflecting on the session, I recall how motivated and optimistic I was. I also felt a strong commitment to go throw this unique experience, which I call “investing in oneself.” I will make it a daily practice to write down how I feel each day, what kind of emotions are more recurring and why, and perhaps search for my EI pattern.

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