We all have a certain degree of Emotional Intelligence.

Despite our different backgrounds, every one of us can tap on each other degree of emotional intelligence based on our individual understanding of the subject. There is always a new way of learning through others, and I believe it’s the key to developing our emotional intelligence. The more we interact with awareness, the more we learn and unfold.

We all undergo different emotions and feelings, depending on different circumstances and experiences. It is not always the case that we all agree and accept each other’s behaviors. The great news is that to develop Emotional Intelligence, it is important to understand that the behavior is not the person. It is important to learn not to judge and label each other for their behavior. We need to accept our diversity and different backgrounds as it’s the catalyst for our learning and practical experience. In every one of us is a human, and whoever appears in our life, is for a reason. Every one of us needs to respect and consider the human part of us, and respect they have their own story and journey that we don’t know. Respecting oneself and others allows you to accept others’ behavior and attitudes, and learn to split between the behavior and person as a human. Thinking this way will facilitate our learning and improve our skills for life.

We are not only responsible for our own learning but are here to play an active role in supporting others to develop as well. The intention is always to become a better human. We are emotional creators, and most of the reactions and decisions we take are based on an emotion that we learned to assign a meaning to it and act accordingly. We use our five senses to collect information from the surrounding, and accordingly, we think, feel, and act. Reactions, behaviors, and ways of thinking are based on the way we are brought up and the environment that we are dealing with. Knowing oneself and managing it is a transformation in itself, which can lead to further huge changes in our selves, family, career, and our main purpose in life.

As humans, we are social creatures who survive in groups and societies, and cannot enjoy isolation and be happy. Therefore, dealing with others is another area of knowledge and practice. As mentioned earlier, learning is easy, but to ‘let go is the challenging part’.

In conclusion, I am aware that I need to develop my self-awareness/self-observation skills. This will require dealing with deep engraved emotions with prescribed reactions manifesting as behaviors. To dis-remember those emotional states are my goals, and sharing my successful learning is my intention concerning the self. I believe tapping into self-understanding will open doors to become wiser and reach the higher self.

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