If I worked on these, then that’s my key to move forward.

I was part of the CTA’s Emotional Intelligence coach training. I learned that emotions can be built from genetics, personality, and upbringing at a very early stage in life. However, it can also be acquired and built through behaviors of others & self and the environment and surrounding factors. Interestingly enough, behaviors and environments can be easily worked on and changed to one’s blueprint. I was inspired that my capacity to learn and know has increased further along with my interest in Emotional Intelligence (EI) topic, and with reading, reflecting, writing, and sharing, my learning journey will enhance my skills and competencies in Emotional Intelligence to move it from good to great.

I learned that every time I react to anything, and find myself that my thoughts are still engaging and active to have a moment and pause to observe what has really triggered me (switch vs. bother) & what have I reacted to (the person/ human vs. behavior). The more I connect with the source, finding the root cause, it was easier to filter between one’s gaps (weakness, skill need, or communication) vs. intentions (mindset or heart), therefore understanding self and others way better at various circumstances and time, and accordingly know what action plan to be followed.

Whenever I am learning a new thing in life or experiencing a new feeling or facing a different situation or trying to change any belief, behavior or attitude or skill or competence as a coach or client, we all shall go through the “learning life cycle” phases, which was a refresher to me from coaching program. We as a human are designed not to procrastinate unless we have created stories, justifications, and excuses which are non-resourceful to us.

It was interesting knowing that whenever I appreciated a person, place, or object – what was common among all is the emotional traits or connection that stayed within, was created from the experiences associated with it, along with the impact that remained behind with us as a memory. Whenever I had a goal in life that I tried to pursue and found it challenging, it was always the emotional, social, or intuitive intelligence that would need to be worked on, nothing cognitive, and if I worked on these, then that’s my key to move forward.

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