What I understood from being emotionally intelligent

It was all about self-development and continuous learning. It is important for a coach to discover himself, be self-aware and reflective to master the art of coaching.

Emotional intelligence plays an important role when it comes to dealing with emotions, whether it is self or others, this was one of those topics that I was really keen to learn and discuss. I believe emotionally intelligent people are more self-aware about their emotions, and they know exactly how they would want to react in a situation. Because they are well aware of their emotions and reactions, they are more effective and have better control over situations. Emotionally intelligent people drive situations contrary to those where situations drive people.

On the journey of coaching or becoming a coach, I learned the value of emotional intelligence for coaching purposes. It is all about managing self in various situations at work or home, and to manage self, it is important to be self-aware – a key and a trigger to explore more of my self. Emotional intelligence will definitely translate into better and healthier relationships and will be sustainable for a longer duration.

What I understood from being emotionally intelligent is about developing patience level, to be more tolerant about others and respecting the point of view others irrespective of how illogical it could be, how I react to a piece of information that I receive is what will decide how intelligently or emotionally intelligently I dealt with the situation. The EI assessment gave me a good perspective about my emotions, where I can manage my emotions well, and where do I need to work on. Some amazing questions to review the situation:

What happened?
What were you thinking?
What was good and bad about the situation/experience?
What sense or intelligence or wisdom can you make out of the situation?
What else could have been done?
In case it rises again, what will I do?

One of the greatest learning awareness I got was that there is nothing called ego exists, and it is only various ego states. The moment the coach made that statement that there is nothing called ego generated an immense amount of curiosity than what is it that we all suffer from in our personal as well as professional life. Our conversations are impacted, our relations are impacted most of the time because of a thing called ego.

Understanding about sensing, being present, and realizing was a great experience of learning. Like I can feel how you feel, or I know exactly how you feel.

Overall, the training was truly descriptive and full of information that gave me the opportunity to learn new theories and models which shall be of great help during the process of learning to coach and eventually help while getting into live coaching sessions as one or the other theories and models will be used with clients based on the situation of the client.

While I learned about all these EI theories and models, it generated a lot of excitement and curiosity to learn further, to enhance the knowledge and support the learning journey of being a coach. Thanks to Haris for delivering an excellent session, generating a lot of thoughts and stimulating my brain for various concepts, and setting the foundation strong for upcoming modules and sessions and at large the live coaching sessions in the future.

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