I will also seek to define what “success” means to me today.

I felt this introduction was relevant and insightful on multiple levels. On a personal level, it reinforced the importance of being present, listening with interest, and actively asking questions, without judgment, to understand the situation and help reach the best outcomes. The training was also a useful reminder that giving advice to friends, colleagues, or even family members has its disadvantages. All of us have the resources and the capabilities within us to achieve the resolutions and journeys we aspire to. Every coaching conversation should be a path for the client (friend/ colleague/family member) to find their own answers.

This is an approach that is easier to follow in theory than in practice. I find that in the workplace, I already follow this approach. But in my personal life, it is easy to fall into the trap of giving advice to family members and friends. I will strive to more consistently apply this approach across all aspects of my life. The discussion on values and beliefs, as well as their impact on our present state and our ability to achieve our desired future, was incredibly interesting. I completely understand the benefits of reframing current thinking to achieve a future desired state. This is an area I felt we barely scratched the surface on. I will seek to define those elements that have aided me in achieving my best state and limiting my ability to succeed. In fact, I will also seek to define what “success” means to me today.

All of us experience that “aha” moment as we become aware of an area of improvement or competency that we need to work on. Going from that awareness level to a point where we unconsciously practice this new skill as second nature, is often a difficult journey.

All in all, the coaching training was an eye-opening effort. Many of the items were a reinforcement of concepts I have learned, either explicitly or through practice, but it was helpful to become consciously aware of them to start exercising them in my daily life. I will also very seriously consider moving forward with the professional qualification.

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