I’ve always been curious to understand a human’s internal environment

I’ve always been curious to understand a human’s internal environment and how it’s reflected through human communication. Hence psychology was my first choice of study to explore the human mind and behavior. However, the world is evolving, and more practical techniques are developed to help people reach their full potential, and as a learner, I would love to have a rounded conceptualization on the study of humans. Life coaching is definitely one of the most praised techniques for self-growth, so naturally, I wanted to explore it. After some research, I read about the CTA and decided it was the most suitable for me to join. The cooperation I received from the academy was quite impressive, and the support made me feel involved and eager to become a member of the academy.

To begin with, I’m glad I had the chance to experience this because I think sharing people’s experiences is one of the most powerful ways to learn. Another reason I’m grateful for this chance is that Dr. Haris is a natural teacher, and his passion is clearly implemented in his way of teaching. I genuinely enjoyed the sessions due to that. Life coaching is actually the exact opposite of what I thought it would be, it requires a lot of self-growth and self-discipline. It is a fine and sophisticated form of knowledge that offers deep self-exploration. Throughout my educational journey, I’ve come to the realization that humans are much simpler than they seem, and the best way to explore them is through acceptance, unconditional positive regard, and non-judgmental mentality. This is was the first lesson I learned when I was introduced to existential psychology. It is something that really appealed to me and correlated with my values and beliefs. Coincidentally those three principles were the first lesson for us as coaches, and I knew from that moment where I’m exactly and where I’m supposed to be.

I was fascinated by the similarities each one of us shared and how that automatically created a safe environment for everyone to share personal experiences comfortably. Listening to how everyone interprets information different was one of the greatest things to experience. Dr. Haris makes sure he creates the space for everyone to process information, and share their perspective to demonstrate how everyone’s map is different. I realized that our differences should be appreciated because it opens our minds in various ways allowing us to become more understanding and appreciative. One specific statement was introduced to us at the beginning of the course regarding referring clients to therapists, and that was one of the reasons I trusted in this learning experience. It exhibited utter professionalism and ethical standards. It automatically planted a sense of responsibility and truthfulness within me, setting a certain standard of the expected attitude throughout the journey.

One of the most valuable realizations I achieved during this course is that through coaching, a person learns the art of communication. I suddenly started changing my listening habits and began to listen to understand rather than listening to reply. The reason why I found this lesson very valuable is because, through active listening, a person understands what’s being said and the emotions accompanying what’s being shared. Once I’m able to have a full image of how the person feels and what the person is trying to convey, the coaching flow becomes more rhythmic and harmonious. So active listening in specific is something I’m learning to adapt in my personal life because it allows my relationships to grow. I wasn’t quite familiar with the difference between coaching, mentoring, training, and consulting. I still found coaching the most appropriate approach for me, because it’s such a graceful way to offer help for suitable clients. It encourages them to find their own solutions through genuine and effective human communication. Each person is a master of their own life and has enough resources within them to overcome many obstacles.

Another interesting lesson I learned is that most of the coaches who were present during the program were from different races and religious backgrounds. However, we all shared the same value system, and that was very fascinating. Knowing that humanity is so much more powerful than we think. The overall atmosphere that was created after sharing our values held so much acceptance, agreeableness, it brought us all together and connected us very deeply. I was just overwhelmed to be a part of that moment and many other similar moments as well.

Moving on to the application, I think I’d have to create space for myself as a person to internally evolve first. I believe I’m still at the very beginning of this journey, and to become a successful life coach, I have to elevate my communication skills and be free of judgments. I believe I’m moving at my own pace, and I’m definitely learning so much. I will finitely begin with the fundamentals of becoming a more accepting person through understanding the CTA beliefs of excellence, and once I’ve accomplished that, I will hopefully keep on growing and moving forward.

I believe I’d have to start by applying it to my personal life and I’m sure I will understand it’s effect once it happens. I’m certainly extremely eager to continue this journey with Dr. Haris specifically because he manages to make the environment very comfortable yet challenging.

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