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: 21st March 2020

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    Foundational Coaching Skills

    • Total 20 hours of training
    • Face to face training- 16 hours
    • Assignments and fieldwork- 4 hours
    • Course Accreditation- CTA, ICF, SHRM

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    Certified Professional Coach (Level 1)

    • Total 60 hours of training
    • Face to face training – 48 hours
    • Assignments and fieldwork – 12 hours
    • Mentor Coaching – 10 hours
    • Course Accreditation – CTA, ICF, SHRM

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    Senior Certified Professional Coach (Level 2)

    • Total of 125 hours of training
    • Face to face training – 100 hours
    • Mentor Coaching – 10 hours
    • Assignments and fieldwork – 25 hours
    • Course Accreditation – CTA, ICF (ACTP), SHRM

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    From an internationally renowned Coach trainer and mentor

    Jan Studený
    ACC, BA(Hons)

    Honza has graduated on Nothingham trent university in Law and Economy. He has been involved in tennis coaching for 8 years, where he collaborated with various age categories of athletes. For more effective work, he completed a series of trainings in various areas from coaching to psychology, which is the basis of his approach to personality development. Coaching touched him so deep that he decided to be a proffesional coach. He achieved ACC certification according to ICF (International Coach Federation).

    His mission is coach and teach the leaders on the way to the mastery. He believes that developing leaders, whether within smaller companies or corporations, can have a strong positive impact on the quality of life of whole society. Honza’s strongest value is freedom. He loves to learn new things and he is strongly positive person. His experience in coaching is over 1,600 sessions within individual coaching and over 200 meetings with teams.

    ICF Coaching Training Faculty - Martin Peters

    Hear from Our Certified Coach Graduates

    In my all years of HR training and coaching,  I would say that this training was at the top of all training in terms of professionalism, knowledge and ability to get the best out of attendees. Very well done Dr. Haris and team members for a very professional job.

    Martin Peters

    Hear from Our Certified Coach Graduates

    Thought-provoking coaching process that helped my team to improve on performance at work and seeing how it increases their leadership capacity unleashing their potential.

    Lisa Haley

    Hear from Our Certified Coach Graduates

    The ability to transform from the situation-contextual awareness to a deeper self-awareness is a mastery and an art that I learnt from Coach Transformation Academy (CTA).

    Tierra F. Lane

    ICF Coaching Training Faculty - Edward Montanez

    Hear from Our Certified Coach Graduates

    A life changing experience. I would highly recommend it for anybody looking to become life coach or a leadership coach. The program created positive change in all the participants and inspire them to be much more successful in life and transformational for their clients.

    Edward Montanez

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      Learning online is the best option in this self-quarantine time. Our special COVID-19 Initiatives are fast-track, virtual, and the best way to upgrade yourself from the comfort of your home. Plus, our flexible schedule learning option gives you the freedom to train without compromising your work.

      The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic has limited our mobility in the outer world. But, it has not limited the learning opportunity. You can also join us for classroom training whenever conducted in the future at no extra cost if you wish to continue learning.

      International Coaching Federation (ICF) is the gold standard in coaching. Getting an ICF Credential adds legitimacy to your coaching practice. Our all coaching training programs, including Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Train the Trainer, Emotional Intelligence (EI) and TASC™ courses are ICF accredited.

      Leader, educator, professional, student – anyone who wants to upskill through coaching training, NLP training, or any other specialized course can join our online training courses. Life Coach, Business Coach, Career Coach, Business Coach, NLP Practitioner, Team Coach, Emotional Intelligence – Your coaching niche can be as unique as you are! We will help you find your calling.

      Believe it or not, coaching does something incredible to your organization and help remove all those unknown blocks & excuses from your way to progress as a team. Our exclusive Business Builder Module is designed to help seasoned and aspiring coaches build their coaching business from scratch.

      Be it our Train the Trainer, NLP Practitioner, or Specialized coaching courses, our result-based learning content helps you identify those goals that you can instantly turn into actions at individual & organizational level. Setting SMART goals, identifying achievable goals, Circle of Life, Anchoring, and more – you will learn all the techniques that you can apply immediately in your work and life.

      Those who are inspired to witness this transformational journey in-person or in-house can join us in our classroom training. [Learn more] about our classroom training. In the current COVID-19 outbreak, we’re offering special COVID-19 Initiatives to help accelerate learning while staying at home.

      We aim to help everyone experience coaching at its best. We do provide easy payment options. We regularly update our page with ongoing offers. You can also contact us to know more in detail about our ongoing offers & special payment plans for our online training courses.

      Coach Transformation Academy provides classroom and in-house training options to make learning engaging, interactive, and transformational experience. Expert coaches and trainers, accredited courses, and ongoing support throughout your learning journey – is what you get when you train with us.

      We help you to better your work and life. We understand not everyone can dedicate long hours continually or instantly. You can join our classroom or in-person coaching training courses if you prefer face to face learning. If you’re not willing to travel to learn, then our online coaching training courses are the perfect options for you to get started with your learning journey.

      Coaching is not obligated to time, place, or age. Anyone with a will to learn to coach or gain self-transformation can join our coaching training courses. The best time to get started is when you feel the freedom to learn. It’s all about your dedication and willingness to invest in yourself.

      You can contact us here or on can drop an email on info@coachtransformation.com to get enrolled in any of our courses. Once you get connected with us, we’ll walk you through the entire process of registration. We provide flexible and easy payment options.

      Apart from our ICF accredited coaching training courses, we provide advanced and specialized training courses for seasoned coaches, professionals, leaders, executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, and anyone who wish to upskill. Contact us to know about NLP Practitioner & Coach, Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Team Coach, Business Coach, Life Coach, Career Coach, and more courses

      One of the most important purposes of coaching is to help gain clarity on your issues and how you can work productively toward your personal and professional goals. The coaching skills you learn can help you to train yourself and others to lead a successful & rewarding life.