Career Coaching in Egypt – How and Why?

While growing up ‘what do you want to become when you are older’ changes to ‘which career or what profession do you want to go into’ queries, which most answer with doubts in mind. A serious answer is demanded by parents, schools, teachers, and from students. However, answering with surety and conviction is easier said than done, especially in this competitive world where the market demographics change frequently.

It is a universal dilemma carried by students and professionals across geographies, including Egypt. The prevalent economic crisis and the urgency among the youth to land a good job adds to the clouding of judgement and hasty decision in career choice. Here’s where the community needs professionals certified in career coaching in Egypt.

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It is not just the students who find it difficult to make career decisions. Many feel out of place in their current job role and seek a different direction in their professional life. A certified career coach supports professionals and individuals to make informed decisions for their careers and profession.

What is Career Coaching?

The relevance of career coaching has increased exponentially in recent years, with more and more students and professionals seeking the assistance of a certified coach to map their career.

Career coaching aims to empower students and professionals by assisting them in making strategized and informed decisions regarding the choice of profession. It is more of a solution-based approach towards making career decisions. The role of a career coach is different than a career counsellor. The former focuses on actions, accountability and results. The idea is to support an individual find relevant answers to questions such as:

  • What they are passionate about?
  • What can they be best at?
  • What can they make money doing?
  • What can help them create a stable career out of?
  • How they can be accountable towards their job responsibilities?
  • Which career path can lead them towards fulfilment?
  • Why it is important to change career?

Why Becoming a Certified Career Coach in Egypt is Good Professionally?

Career Coaching is a vast niche in itself. Some career coaches specialize in the exploratory work that would precede the actual job search, while some career coaches specialize in job-hunting strategies. It doesn’t matter if you’re on the verge to start your career or already in stuck-period after years of working in the same role. A Career Coach can lead you in the right direction and help you transition from one position to another.

With so many professionals in Egypt – looking for career transition, find the right career, or exploring strengths beyond the comfort zone, career coaching is a way through which you can be the master of your own self. Certified professionals can also run their practice catering to students and the working population, to determine their strong points and preferable career path, which will lead them to success.

People have become very career conscious these days, and they do not shy away from seeking help from professionals. Becoming a career coach can be an extra source of income for all aspirants who want to help them with their motivational guidance to all who seek direction in choosing the right professional path.

How to Become a Certified Career Coach in Egypt?

To become a career coach, you can undertake an ICF accredited coach training program with a credible institute. If you are a full-time worker, and yet want to take the course, then you can enroll under the online classes, which are flexible and highly convenient, and no less enlightening than the classroom sessions.

Online Foundational Coaching Skills Training - Event

Our coach training includes both intense learnings focused on the latest ICF coaching competencies and fieldwork conducted on a group and a one-to-one basis. The candidate gets access to our coaching tools and techniques that help them create their own coaching business and network. Upon the completion of coach training with us, coaches can support professionals, individuals, or anyone seeking a career change to:

  • Determine and align with their inner aspirations
  • Explore and enhance the potential within
  • Discover their true passions and align them with their career
  • Gain career confidence, awareness, encouragement, and inspiration.
  • Create a better work-life balance.
  • Get rid of anxiety, low self-confidence, depression, fear, or resistance to change in career.
  • Achieve career fulfilment.

Coach Transformation Academy offers ICF accredited career coaching training in Egypt. We have comprehensive coach training courses designed for those who seek to be compassionate coaches or simply wish to apply coaching in their careers and lives. For more details about our coach training programs, follow the link:


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