What qualifications do you need to be a life coach in the UK?

Life coaching has become a popular career option for many people in the UK. Professionals and individuals looking for personal and professional development are now seeking life coaches who can lead them towards self-awareness and success in life and career.

Frankly, life coach training in the UK stands out to be one of the most fulfilling careers for people who have a passion for discovering the best side of their personality and want to help others to become their best versions. You can discover a lot about yourself and others and develop your own self-rewarding career through a certified life coach training in the UK.

What qualifications do you need to be a life coach in the UK


How you can be a certified professional life coach in the UK?

There are no prerequisites to be a certified professional life coach in the UK. Here are a few things that you DO NOT necessarily need to be a life coach. Have a look!

  • Higher academic qualification or a degree
  • To be in a specific age group because there is no age bar for learning and to impart knowledge.
  • To lead a perfect life.

Isn’t it liberal for a course as valuable for life coaching?

The skills that you will acquire as a Life Coach

Upon completion of your coach training as a Life Coach, you will develop many skills that you never thought of. For instance:

  • A Life Coach is a non-judgmental person and has an open mind for all of his/her clients.
  • A life coach is a great listener and able to communicate with people from all walks of life.
  • The most integral quality of becoming a life coach is able to keep clients’ detail confidential. Everyone has their own story and revealing one’s personal information to another person isn’t just ethically wrong but is illegal as well if you are a life coach.
  • A life coach supports his/her clients to explore issues without advising them on what to do. Through thought-provoking conversations, a life coach inspires the client to find answers on their own and gain clarity on their goals, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • Life Coaches are also public speakers. They’re confident and conscious and can communicate their own thoughts in an engaging way to any size of the crowd.


Become a Life Coach in the UK

Can I become a Life Coach in the UK without any certification training?

You don’t need any sort of academic or formal qualifications to become a life coach in the UK. But if you want your potential clients to look upon you, then you should go for an ICF accredited, or EMCC accredited life coach training in the UK. This way, you can practice as a certified professional Life Coach in the UK as well as any part of the world.

Want to be a certified life coach in the UK? Check out our ICF accredited Life Coach Training Course in the UK, designed to provide the world-class, certified coach training.

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