How to become certified career coach?

Career coaching certifications

Reportedly, a large number of people face problems with their career selection and management. Some people go for career counseling while others struggle aimlessly, beating behind the bush to make their career decisions without fail. Some people do have a plan, but then revisiting their career strategy with a certified professional is essential if they intend to work out. 

Fortunately, a growing number of professionals are known as career coaches who can make career selection easier. Career coaches bring to career coaching programs to the table to help individuals make informed decisions about their career development and trajectory. Career coaching is a preparing field because the competition in the professional spectrum has become stiff. But there’s more to career coaching than what we can accumulate on the surface, so let’s dig deep!

What is career coaching?

The sole purpose of a career coach is to guide an individual towards an ideal career trajectory. Career coaches assist people in identifying their interests, plan, and career potentials. In addition, they empower you to overcome whatever challenges you face in career selection on your own and strengthen your awareness of what’s holding you back.

Career coaches have brilliant blend of behavioral insights and a keen understanding of the world of work and talent development. When you decide to join the career coaching programs for being a career coach, you cannot just clarify the career aspirations of others and earn quite a sum.

How is career coaching different from other forms of coaching?

Career coaching helps professionals build a roadmap to their decision, make informed decisions about their careers, build relevant skills, and foster connections. However, career coaching is not guiding or counseling. And hence, those who wish to become career coaches should undergo certified Career Coaching program(s) to gain the necessary training, skills, and certifications to coach anyone.

Depending on your experience and expertise, you can create your own coaching approaches. For example, some are experts in Resume Building, some in matching jobs with skills, while some can be experienced in helping professionals make a career switch. Your experience and passion matter in coaching. Once you complete your career coaching training, you’ll be able to coach someone rather than simply guiding, mentoring, or counseling.

How to get started?

As the coaching industry is not regulated, you will find many non-certified coaches who can be experts, consultants, or mentors. Hence, it’s crucial to understand the difference between coaching and other professions. There are non-profit organizations considered standard in the coaching industry and certifies professionals, like ICF, EMCC, and AC. Hence, we always recommend getting trained with ICF/EMCC approved coach trainers.

Coach Transformation Academy provides world-class coaching programs. Being accredited by ICF, EMCC, CCE, and SHRM give students the confidence, knowledge, skills, and certifications to coach anyone anywhere in the world. Do you want to be a Career Coach? Are you looking for Career Coaching programs that align with your experience and expertise? Contact us now!

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What is career coaching?

Career coaching is about partnering with your client to help them getting to their ultimate career goal. Career coaches help their client to have clarity on what they think is really good for their career, help them setting goals and align those goals in an effective way so that they can achieve those goals sooner than later.

Career coaching is far more different than counseling and psycho therapies’, coaching is not about suggesting and advising what is good or what is bad for the client’s career. It is about creating self-awareness, realizing inner potential and bringing clarity on the decisions of the client by thought provoking questioning process.

If you have something in your mind about your career or if you are not about where you want to look yourself after 10 years or may be after retirement from what you are doing now. You can go to a career coach to have a clear vision of what you actually want to do in your life at that time.

Career coach will always make you able to make realistic and achievable goals, your career coach can also help to you to discover your challenges so that you can be ready to face them and can make an action plan for your career.

What are the typical clients & topics of career coaching?

Career coaching has a vast scope of clients from age group of 12-18 to age group of 50-55. You never know what age group of client you may get as a career coach until you set an age group limitation to you career coaching business.

At a very young age when a youngster wants to decide what stream they should choose in studies to make a bright career out of it, these youngsters can be a typical client of career coaching as lot of things run in our mind at this age. At the same time, you may also get client with more than 20 year of working experience as a successful CEO or director of some big organizations in the industry and about to get retired from the job,sometimes they also struggle to decide what to do after this point of time.

You can find many, however to mention here are few topics of career coaching:-

  • What field should be chosen for studies
  • Struggling in current job
  • Career transitioning
  • Career development

Steps of becoming a certified career coach

As one of the best career coaching training institutes in the industry, Coach Transformation Academy offers career coach certification with ICF (International Coach Federation) accreditation. If you are an aspiring professional certified career coach, you would want to know the process of becoming one. It is a process of maximum of 6 months. There are few requirements that you need to meet. Here are the requirements and the procedure to become a professional career coach.

  • Completion of coaching training – Every participant must undergo 125 hours coaching training in classroom training or online or partially.
  • Mentoring – There is a requirement of undergoing 10 hours of mentoring and these hours will be covered as 7 hours as group mentoring sessions and 3 hours as individual one to one mentoring sessions.
  • Completion of coaching experience – This is the third requirement of this career coaching course, participants have to acquire 500 hours of coaching experience, 75% of these should be paid and rest can be acquired as free.

Once you meet all these requirements you will be attempting a final performance evaluation test conducted by Coach Transformation Academy. After qualifying test you will be awarded as Coach Transformation Academy certified professional career coach.

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