How to Become a Certified Career Coach in Saudi Arabia?

Choosing a career path is one of the most important decisions to make in life, as even a small mistake can cause a big diversion and lead the career graph to a dead-end.

How to Become a Certified Career Coach in Saudi Arabia

In most cases, parents leave the choice on the kids, ones who are hardly matured enough to make the right decision, increasing the risk of derailing the career track. Here’s where the role of a certified career coach carries significance and the same reason why reputed schools stress on having such a professional in the faculty to guide the students in the right direction.

It’s not just the students who can benefit from a career coach, even a professional looking for a career change can avail the assistance of a certified professional. A lot of adults these face days dissatisfaction in their job role and look for career change, by seeking guidance from career coaches.

What Does a Certified Career Coach Do?

The International Coaching Federation defines the role of a career coach as a professional who partners with an individual in a creative and thought-provoking that motivates one to maximize his/her professional and personal potential.

Career coaching involves helping one to improve leadership skills, solidifying their professional persona for able decision making. That is just one of the many vital aspects of becoming a career coach.

A career coach does not help you choose a suitable job or write resumes. He/she will support you in making your informed choices through thought-provoking interactions that will help you choose the right career path.

Career Coaches make clients realize career goals and potential through assessment exercises and personalized consultation. The realization of the strong points makes it seamless for the client to achieve success in their choice of profession.

How to Become a Certified Career Coach in Saudi Arabia? 

There are various steps involved in becoming a certified career coach. The first however is to choose an ICF accredited coach training course. Besides the coach training program, the trainer’s credential and experience also play an essential role in the training.

An ICF approved career coaching training program comprises both theoretical studies as well as learning practical applications. It is an interactive and engaging learning process. The participants undertaking the coach training learn to apply their skills and tools in their life and career.

The career coach certification programs offered by reputed institutes in Saudi Arabia are designed to empower the participants with skills, credibility, and the confidence to coach their clients, be it a student or a professional and assist them in making the right career decision.


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