Reflection is one of the best learning tools we can ever utilize to develop our emotional awareness and Intelligence. John Dewey correctly states that “we do not learn from experience, we learn from reflecting on experience.” This is what I call awareness in its highest form: To look deep at a certain thought or feeling...
When you observe yourself in a way that creates a deep awareness of your own behaviors, actions, and thought process, and that awareness leads you to learn, adapt, and improve more is called reflection. If you are only observing yourself and your experiences and not learning to improve, there is no reflection. Emotional Intelligence is...
Came back home with not just a full stomach but also a full heart. We’re all strangers from different parts of the world, but this journey together of self-discovery, deep realizations, shattering of stereotypes, pushing our boundaries and broadening our horizons has made us feel more like partners and companions. In learning how to understand...
When we speak of Egypt, a picture gets etched in our minds instantly – a country that is advancing by leaps and bounds, all the while staying intact with its rich culture and heritage. When you are a citizen of a country that proficiently handles the balance between such complex aspects, great things are naturally...
Australia has its own part of opportunities for worthy people. You cannot be mediocre and expect a job to knock at your door. I was completely clueless about my career. The role that I had wasn’t much of my first love, and the position made my working conditions more miserable and questionable. I never wanted...
We have started our journey learning about what coaching is and how it is different from mentoring, counseling, and training. Coaching is the partnership between the coach and the coachee. It is a forward-thinking process focusing more o the future. Both of them are equal. The role of the coach is to walk the coachee...

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