Best Tools for Online Coaching: Tools that Makes a Coach’s Life Easier

Online Coaching Tools

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic became a global train wreck, disrupting lives and putting distances between us, the practice of online coaching was gaining momentum owing to its multifaceted benefits. Both online coach training and coaching sessions have become popular because they are convenient, less time-consuming, cost-effective, and flexible. Now, with social distancing protocols in place, this is also the safest way to get trained or coached. What makes this process an absolute success is the assortment of online coaching tools that streamlines the practice and enables all coaching participants on both ends to conduct training classes or sessions.

In this blog, we will be reviewing five popular online coaching tools that make your coaching session comfortable and sorted.

Top Online Coaching Tools Used By Professionals

1. Satori

Top on our list is Satori or Satori App, which is specifically designed for coaches enabling them to conduct sessions with clients online seamlessly and successfully. Since its inception, it has helped thousands of coaches around the world to grow their clientele owing to the remarkable client experiences it is known to offer and the affordability of the same. It is an all-inclusive application that offers help with:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Coaching and client services
  • Calendar and appointment scheduling
  • Billing and Payments

As one of the leading online coaching tools, Satori offers a platform for professionals to initiate their coaching practice, grow the clientele, and streamline the operations through the app’s advanced automation.


  • An integrated client management system that takes care of everything from client onboarding to billing.
  • Creation of the client’s profile and track all communication.
  • Personalization of coaching programs.
  • Development and execution of coach/client agreements.
  • Appointment tracking and collating the billing and payments history.
  • Delivering questionnaires to the clients.
  • Capturing the session notes securely.
  • Uphold privacy of the client with secure login and enable group sessions.

2. Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is widely used by business owners and coaches alike for appointment management. It is cloud-based scheduling software that was designed to cater to the needs of both small and large-scale businesses, and now a significant number of coaches use it to schedule appointments and manage client information.


  • Highly customizable software that creates a unique brand identity.
  • Sync calendars and dates and set up notifications (emails and otherwise).
  • Ability to integrate with third-party applications to process payments.
  • Allow group engagement via the platform.
  • Enhances security and privacy protocols.

3. Loom

Loom is used by businesses and coaching practitioners all over the world for video messaging, screen sharing, and video recording, three of the most crucial aspects of conducting client sessions in coaching. It allows individuals and teams to connect and coordinate with each other without minimal glitches. The software promises enhanced productivity and timeliness. It is available in both web and app versions.


  • Fast video recording.
  • Screen sharing among multiple participants.
  • Video link-sharing among participants.
  • Editing of the videos.
  • Ability to post emoji reactions and comments.
  • Advanced access controls and reporting extensions.
  • Flexible use packages.

4. Hello Sign

Online coaching requires drawing and execution of agreements (non-disclosure and likewise) among the participants. Hello, Sign is a platform that enables sending, receiving, and management of legally binding signatures. Other than that it also helps to track the progress of the signing request.


  • Enterprise-grade, highly intuitive platform.
  • Allows third-party integrations with leading applications.
  • Advanced encryption of all client documents and data.
  • Adherence to data security, privacy, and compliance.
  • Remarkable customer support across the world.
  • Compatibility with more than 22 languages.

5. Zoom

Zoom is probably the most popular among virtual meeting and online coaching tools. It is a cloud-based video conferencing software/app which enables real-time engagement and interaction of large groups of people. Zoom meetings are for individuals and small groups, while Zoom Rooms are for a relatively large group of people.


  • Unlimited one-to-one meetings with a free plan.
  • Ability to host 100 participants for 40 minutes (free).
  • Ability to host up to 500 participants at a time (paid).
  • Screen sharing and video recording.
  • Recording of the meetings and sessions.
  • Advanced encryption for privacy and security of users and participants.


Once considered a practice of convenience; online coaching and training have found permanence in the post-COVID new normal. Experts expect that things are likely to escalate rapidly on the digital front in the coming days, which means you need such online coaching tools either to get certified as a coach or to conduct sessions with your clients.

On an ending note, speaking of online coaching, the Coaching Transformation Academy is one of the leading global organizations, highly acknowledged for its robust online coach training programs. We hope you found the blog helpful. Keep visiting to read more blogs on coaching.

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