Being aware is the first step but still, to my mind, a baby step

Recently I decided to take the Coach Transformation Academy – SCPC journey. The training started on January 21, 2021. I had created this reflection after learning about the “Coach Transformation – A Journey.”

What was new learning for me?

During these days, I took the Coach Transformation journey, and I discovered that this is exactly what brought me to the CTA. When I got the call to adventure of being a professional coach, I accepted it. I was aware that I will be taking a hero’s journey, exactly as described by Joseph Campbell, with many challenges on the way.

The initial threshold for me was how to deal with my previous learning. Will I really unlearn? The next module gave me the right answer: I will relearn in a different way; I will relearn cognitively and emotionally.

Humans receive external information, and our brain connects the dots, deletes, distorts, generalizes, makes stories, and creates space for internal learning. This learning forms our thoughts and beliefs, creates our values, attitudes, and reactions, and is then responsible for our emotions and feelings. I think that this is showing up in our daily lives, and I felt that understanding is the first step towards self-awareness and dealing with clients and best serve them.

How does it impact my “being and doing”?

Taking the hero’s journey was for a reason. Being a better version of myself as a human and having this reflected in my doing in every role I play in life, especially as a coach. Every day in this learning was a step in the journey.

Actually, embrace the new knowledge cognitively is not sufficient; emotional engagement is needed as well. I feel that I am ready for that as well. Journaling seems an excellent tool to monitor what is going on internally. Tracking thoughts, emotions, feelings, and behaviors enhances self-awareness and contributes to creating better awareness and making healthy decisions.

How does it change my worldview and perspective?

The main takeaway from that module was that everything in life happens for a reason. A thought/belief/value may be reasons for what we are receiving from our closer or broader surroundings. They may also be behind how we are dealing with what we are getting. Being aware of that is a shift in my worldview and perspective.

Having been introduced to like-minded people in the CTA class confirms a bit of it. We connected together because we may be sharing some common thoughts, believes, or values. Finally, we found ourselves enjoying one common journey.

What does it make me stretch?

Being aware is the first step but still, to my mind, a baby step. Awareness needs to be practiced, and outcomes need to be assessed.

Role playing is a meaningful concept for me. However, what would be stretching is how to keep that concept present in the daily routine and in my relationship with my family, friends, and clients? Ultimately, how to be authentic while role playing?

What does it inform me about my practice?

With this learning, I am convinced that my practice needs to be improved to better serve my clients. Which means a deeper observation and a better consideration of my client’s language patterns. It also involved better management of my own language patterns to create the needed space for the client.

How will this translate into actions?

I appreciate this question and understand that this is the action/accountability part of the exercise. That’s why in tackling it, I prefer to take the coachee’s chair during this coaching session with myself.

What type of agreement can I have with Myself?

I really want to improve my practice and make my coaching world a safe and helpful place for my clients. My clients would be my friends, relatives, students, teammates, or anyone that I can come across on the way, asking for help. A contract with Myself will work, and I will do my best to stick to it. I can help Myself work on setting that practice to serve my community and my country.

How can I create awareness within Myself, and how can awareness help me in my journey?

Having this practice settled in is important for me. This satisfies my vision and gives meaning to my life. I see myself realizing my mission, reaching my purpose, and preparing the legacy I want for myself.

What are my next actions?

Having this journey without results or outcomes will be a kind of madness. We don’t get outcomes by focusing on them but rather by focusing on actions that create these results.

My ultimate outcome in this transformational journey will be to set the coaching practice I aspire to. This starts by practicing what I have already learned and assessed how was the outcome. Through practice, I will gain confidence in myself and in the change that I want to create.

How can I hold myself accountable?

I believe that accountability is about delivering on a commitment and that clarity is a must-have for accountability. Holding myself accountable means to me to have:

– Clear expectations from myself, my clients, and my practice,

– Useful tools to track my progress and how I am helping clients,

– Clear strategy to value my new learning and integer it to my practice.

Accountability may be difficult to ensure individually. Hiring a coach or looking for an accountability partner among the CTA coaches will help as well.

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