Acquiring and Renewing the Gold Standard of ICF through CCE

Coaches who wish to acquire a new competency, retain competitive advantage, and those who wish to renew their credentials need to acquire CCEUs. Renewal of ICF credential mandates the need for the completion of a minimum number of Continuing Coach Education Units, within three years from the initial award of credentials or last renewal. With CCE coaches will get to continue to grow and improve their caliber and ability in addition to renewing credentials. Typically, CCE comprises two categories – Core Competencies and Resource Development.

The need for CCE in a nutshell
The need for CCE is pretty simple – it is a standard requirement that is common to industry – the need for continued professional expertise through refresher coaching exercises. CCE will ensure that a coach will remain in the learning curve and continue to develop professional coaching skills. This will update the coach with the very latest in coaching methodologies. This will also help coaches to sharpen their focus on the core competencies of ICF. And finally, this will meet the requirements for keeping ICF credentials active.

Number of mandatory hours of coaching
The number of mandatory hours of coaching that is required for CCE is as given below:

  • For an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) – 30 hours
  • For an Professional Certified Coach (PCC) – 40 hours
  • For a Master Certified Coach (MCC) – 40 hours

Two categories of Continuing Coach Education (CCE)
Core Competencies: This is an advanced coaching training, that involves writing and research activity that is directly related to ICF Core Competencies of the coach. It helps to expand the Core Competencies and improve professional knowledge and development.
Resource Development: This is coaching training that involves writing and research in areas that do not belong to the ICF Core Competencies, and typically involves coaching tools, assessments, and business building. This helps in overall professional development of coaches, and here self-study is regarded as a dimension of Resource Development.

ICF credential renewal requirements
Many coaches plunge into the profession with great interest and devote themselves to helping others. However, it is necessary to know that to coach, it is necessary to retain credentials always, failing which the opportunity to train and coach will reduce. Hectic work schedules and the demands of life may result in a condition where coaches tend to forget the renewal requirements. The official ICF intimation regarding renewal is simple and clear – ACC, PCC, and MCC Credentials are valid for the three-year period following the initial approval or latest renewal. Credentials need to be renewed by 31 December of the year when the credential is set to expire.

Tips to choose the best training provider for CCE
Professional coaching is an art, science and practice, all combined into one and it is therefore necessary to choose ICF CCE courses from a training provider who offers the highest standards of professional coaching. The wrong choice in the most important stage of a coach’s career will have an impact that will be felt right throughout career. There are important considerations here. While credentials are important and mandatory, it is also important that the path to credentials offers value which can be gainfully used. For the credentials to be put into use, it is necessary to have the right kind of professional knowledge and expertise and it is therefore for a coach and aspiring coach to ensure that the right path to credentials is chosen.

Flexible choice to offer greater value and interest
It is necessary to pick topics of interest which will help coaches to earn CCEs. The choice of the right topics will help to accumulate the requisite number of hours that are required. Importantly, coaches need to stick to a program where the professional development is spread over a period of time, rather than trying to squeeze too much into a very small slot. By spreading out the period of development, coaches can expand skills in the right manner and experience the benefits of shared learning experience.

Exposure to thought leadership
A good training program will not end with the program itself. It needs to span the career of the coach with a continued relationship. Coaches need to remain aware of the best practices, and require exposure to thought leadership. This will give a better perspective and help the coaches with superior experience in their profession. For instance, a training provider who offers training that includes a presentation by an industry expert, and panel discussion by experts will throw more light on issues and challenges in the profession.

A coach needs to retain credentials through renewal and also needs to expand professional knowledge. Experts across industry amass a wealth of knowledge and experience over time and coaches need to follow the same to remain on top of their profession, with a competitive advantage.

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