A Professional’s Guide to Executive Coaching in South Africa

Almost everyone is familiar with the fact that the executive coaching industry is rapidly growing internationally as well as in South Africa. Every small business since the day of its inception, struggle to survive and to evolve as prominent business owners and employ multiple incomes, several leaders in the industry have opted for Executive Coaching. This has led to the sky-rocketing growth of executive coaches from 53,000 in the year 2016 to 1500 coaches per year in the last few years in South Africa only.

Why executive coaching is popular?
Executive coaching is in the buzz for a reason. Just consider the fact that businesses in the USA spend more than $1 billion on executive coaching to brush up the skills of their leaders and make them better leaders. The outcome is that their organizations depicted accelerated performances when their leaders developed. The stats in South Africa are no different, and every organization has folded its sleeves to invest in Executive Coaching. So, what are the benefits? Here are some vital ones:

  • Using the coaching presumptions, decision-making capacity is improved.
  • Executive coaching can be a great tool to model leadership. Coaches can bring leaders out of their comfort zones, and let them understand people better.
  • Every organization that typically opts for executive coaching experiences enhanced productivity along with better conversion rates and extended profit margins because of the efficiency of the leaders.
  • Executive coaching makes feedback and communication more effective and sorts out the hurdles in the follow-up system with the customers, as well as between the team members, superiors, and newbies.

Who can go for executive coaching?
A lot of people are drawn towards the executive coaching profession because of the promising results. People from every field of corporate and industrial genres to eminent leaders who are looking for ways to run their organizations in a better-organized way, executive coaching has turned out to be the all-time favorite for everyone.

71% of companies have developed this skepticism about the fact that their current leaders aren’t able enough to carry their organization into the future. To cope with these statistics and increase the effectiveness of leaders who are in their constructive phase, executive coaching plays a vital role.

Individuals who want to have a balanced-life in the fast-paced world, want to practice, gain self-control, and reprieve from corporate politics, pressure, and bureaucracy, can always opt for executive coaching to make their life less tangled.

Word of caution
The two main governing bodies for coaching in South Africa include the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Coaches and Mentors of South Africa (COMENSA). Before you pick one executive coaching institute, make sure that the institute is affiliated or accredited to any of these governing bodies and the faculty has an exquisite experience in their specified niche. Also, enquire about the course fee as well as the course length, and if everything feels good, then sign up without any second thoughts!

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