A Life Coach’s 4 rules to stay positive amid COVID-19 crisis

High fives out there to everyone following self-isolation and social distancing! Getting through isolation is an achievement for many of us. The struggle is real right now – whether it’s trying to adjust to WFH life, navigating a tough job situation, or balancing having the kids at home. As we all adapt to a new normal (at least for the time being), here are the few tips from a Life Coach.

Appreciate the little wins

We all are living in a self-improvement mode right now. What we don’t realize is that it’s okay to be unproductive or just feel blah (yup, we do get in that zone) in this unpredictable time. As a Life Coach, I would ask you only one question: What does success mean to you?

Each of us has our versions of success – it can also mean something as simple as completing a puzzle, getting 8 hours of sleep, or finishing a novel. We all have our own challenges. Take time to appreciate your little wins, and give yourself a pat on your back.

Realize your goal and value

Not everyone can bake or stretch or work 6 straight hours. Be realistic to yourselves and your goals. How many of us have goals just because someone has it on her/his Instagram (or just to challenge our friends)? My next question to you is: What’s important to you?

It’s time to get candid with your own self. This is the best time to define the purpose of your goals, and learn the difference between realistic and nonsensical goals.

Let it out

Staying connected with everyone, especially during self-isolation, can be stressful for many of us. Each of us is doing social distancing and staying connected to each other through online tools and platforms. There can be a time when you just want to talk to someone (preferably who doesn’t judge you, right?) and help you look in the right direction.

A Life Coach can be that someone. No judgments – promise! A Life Coach is not someone who will advise you or guide you (nope, never). A Life Coach is someone who will just support you to find that “right direction” all by yourself. Let it all out!

Be kind – to yourself & others

Your coworkers might be working and keeping their kids engaged simultaneously. Some might be feeling stressed in the WFH situation. Some of us have had family members lose jobs. Some are struggling to focus while working and help those close to us.

Think of the last time someone went out of their way to show appreciation to you. Recall about how it felt (felt good, right?). Being kind is good and not-so-hard. It sounds unnecessary, but it’s a huge morale booster for you and everyone around you.

Let’s all remember to be kind to one another in these times and use this moment of pausing to enrich the person we currently are.

Let us know if you’re trying any of these and want to know more about our COVID-19 Initiatives. Share it.

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