3 things I wish I knew before I become a Life Coach

I was quite perplexed with my corporate career. I used to take breaks and think isn’t this what I always wanted from my career? Didn’t I always want to be the CEO of a successful business? Then why is it that I am constantly scrambling to meet deadlines, create work-life balance and struggle with my commitments?

I wish I only knew how wrong I was to think that was enough. When I started life coach training in the United States, I found the loopholes, the knowledge gaps, and more importantly the motivation that I needed to overcome my creative blocks.

But first a little backstory…

It all started in the year 2020 when I tentatively started exploring my creative boundaries. I had a history of clinical depression and anxiety while I was studying to become an architect. Though that was a phase that didn’t last for long, I lost my creative character back there. I thought I was doing well until a creative block hit me hard after five long years. I eventually started to have episodes of anxiety and then I began my quest to understand what was missing in my life. That’s when I came across life coach training in the United States which reassured me with voices of hope and guidance.

Selecting the best organization for life coach training

When I decided to test my creative limits and find peace and fulfillment in my life, I was convinced on investing in a training program. I Googled “life coach training in the United States” and I found Coach Transformation. After we went through the crests and troughs of their course module and read about their approach, I knew this was the course for me!

The experts guided me through the process and highlighted how the training program can help me to shape my career as a professional coach. This enlightened me on how being a life coach can be a life-changing experience. My training period was a journey to cherish, and at every step, we were reminded to remain motivated until we find the motto of our life.

Getting clients and practice

During the first phase of our training program, we were introduced to the basics of coaching. We were told to build a coaching repertoire that can make our coaching interactions structured. The next day we were given 30 minutes to coach our fellow teammates as our client. At first, it was a bit daunting, but as my client started explaining the challenges that they wanted to explore, I tried to curate solutions. But my mentor told me that the key is to listen. When people ask me if I am always tempted to suggest solutions in my coaching sessions, the answer is an unequivocal “No”. Coach training taught me that the outcome of every session should be inspired completely out of the idea of the client and it should be their decision. So the lesson here is life coaches don’t provide solutions, they guide clients towards the solution by providing a direction.

A coaching space to grow and evolve

When I think of what I have experienced in this past year, about myself, about coaching, and my clients, I discover how much we are capable of. As life coaches, we create safe learning spaces that create a thinking environment for individuals to grow and change as people. Now, I know myself better, I am a more creative person and I struggle less with my episodes of depression. Thanks to life coach training and a huge round of shoutouts for the team at Coach Transformation!

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